Holey calibration multiple runs

Would it be useful to have an offset configurable for the test pattern I.e. move x or y + / -

That way you could run the test pattern several times on the same sheet and just move it slightly?

It would be useful, it would be a bit of work to program.

My suggestion is to screw down 1/8 inch spoil boards at all if the locations. The cheap 1/8 inch mdf sheets work well. One 2*4 foot sheet is more than enough.

I use wood putty to fill the calibration marks. Let it dry, sand it down. Quick and cheap.

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I make my wood-filler out of wood glue and sawdust. More cheaper,

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That doesn’t really help when you want to do it multiple times one after the other to fine tune it though so if I could just enter an offset to do the next cut 5mm below the previous that was what I was thinking.

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I’m not sure, but i think with GC there was a release that attemted this. Just for my little brain, the issue seems to be that you adjust a math that is not accurate to begin with and with each iteration you could multiply the slight issue that was there at the start. No claims for this to be true. Cutting the same place lets you compare, cutting somewhere else is comparing apples to oranges. Don’t trust me, just crazy thoughts.