Setting up original Maslow (no ring) - Oval Circles

Bit of a quandary. We have one of the original machines without the ring, however, we never set it up until today. I think I set up everything correctly. The measurements were close on calibration, after 3 tries I accepted the settings and moved on, I assumed the little they were off was due to no bricks. Since I used the original setup information. My software and firmware is the latest. When trying to cut the sled, I am getting an oval center. Thoughts?

Issue resolved. I missed the fact it was expecting MM, I was using inches. Converted and now making circles. I also later found the fact you can change with a button press. Sorry for the noobieness.


Grab a linkage kit, either one from @pillagethenburn or from @dlang. They are available, inexpensive and big improvement over the original quadrilateral setup. I think you’ll be happier with the improved performance.


To make things as simple as possible here’s a link to the laser cut kits. :slight_smile:

I’m shipping same or next day right now, so you’d have it in a couple days. Or, alternatively, you could make your own linkage. If you have questions about linkages let me know!