How big is the complete bolt together frame?

I have a limited amount of space and I am wondering what the H W and D of the machine with the bolt together frame are, including the router sticking out. And roughly how much clearance do you need for the machine. I am assuming it is happy being against a wall.

Thank you!

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The frame is about 78"H x 120"W x 28"D. The router and sled stick out about a foot from the work surface. The backside can go directly against a wall no problem, but I would say you need at least three feet of clearance in front of the machine to operate it comfortably.

You also can shorten the design to a smaller work space by using a shorter beam. Mine is currently set up for a 4’x4’ workspace with an eight foot beam.


Thank you! That gives me something to work with.


the bolt together frame is the same size as the basic frame.

What are the dimensions you are trying to work in?

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My new space is roughly 12 x 14, but I also have my chop saw and my table
saw, and a wood stove in there, and one wall is almost all glass. I don’t
want to downsize the router. I have yet another space about the same size
but that needs lots of finish work, as in walls and it does not have good
exposure for natural light even if I do put a lot of windows in. Anyway,
having the rough dimensions gives me something to think about.

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put the maslow in the second space, hinge it from the bare studs (just skip the
back legs entirely and just use short boards for the kickers) so you can fold it
against the wall when not in use.

good natural light is less critical for a CNC, as you only have to see to
position the materials in place, once you start it running, you aren’t having to
deal with it.

We currently think that if you extend the top beam to 12’ from the stock 10’,
you will have a better machine. With the new ‘bottom feed’ approach, you have a
fair amount of space under the ends, so it’s not all lost.

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Interesting idea. Truthfully I am a bit dubious about using the other space as I built that for something else and this would be the second or third time that use got bumped. However I do like the idea of using the wall directly and it occured to me that most of the “guts” of the router are in the center 8’ region and up at the top. I could go close to 12’ (does that require more chanin btw?) if the top beam can hang out more than 3 feet over the stove. It may be interesting getting sheets of plywood in and out though.

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you would need to extend the chain from ~11’ to a little over 12’

hang the sled up on the top beam to get it out of the way

remember that the chain does come down at an angle