Spacing for using the machine

Hey! So we are fairly new to all of this, we have everything ready to go and have decided on a frame but our concern is space. Can anyone give us a good idea of how much workable space we need for the frame and then for when we are using the machine? We are thinking of setting it up in a garage or possibly an upstairs studio but aren’t sure what makes the most sense. As far as ease of access do we need to have a larger space for it to occupy? Any advice or photos help!

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you need the width of the top beam, and with the stock frame you need 3-4’ of

you will end up needing a lot more space to manipulate your 4x8 sheets of
plywood on and off of the machine than anything else :slight_smile:

If space is a concern having it hinged to the wall is a great option. When stored mine takes up about 6" from there wall. When in use, only about 2’. Assuming you use a full 4’x8’ backer you’ll need about 10’ of length. I made mine only 4’x4’ since most projects will be in that zone. However, if a larger project is needed I can still slap a full sheet on and cut. I say this because it’s really up to you how much space it uses.


Also, keep in mind that the machine is pretty noisy when cutting, and makes a lot of dust… if the upstairs studio is in your house, that may not be so good. If you are planning to cut from 4x8 sheets, getting them upstairs might also be problematic.

Good luck on your build! Keep us advised of your progress!


Hum… With the right speeds, depth and feed rate, mine is rather quiet. While cutting and my shop vac in a silencer I can carry a normal conversation with no hearing protection. Also, I have zero dust. Guess it depends on your setup.

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Please share your dust collection system set-up… zero dust would be a spectacular upgrade for me.



Will do, I’ll let you know when I post it.