How do I set origin?

Currently I’m using easel to get my files to ground control. The origin or home is the bottom left of the project. How do I change this to center?

Here’s how I do it:
After getting everything else done (outlines, pockets, etc), I use the menu Edit/SelectAll, then change the coordinate for the center of the group to 0,0. Them export the code, and the whole thing will be centered in the work area.


Thank you that worked!


New here…working toward first project…it involves a pattern of holes that needs to be positioned on my work piece around the center hole (its a game board). I’ll be mounting a slab of oak to make the cuts.
So using Sketchup and the makercam and now Easel I am able to create the pattern and generate G-code and test it in Ground Control (haven’t got frame finished yet)…it all looks good but it all seems relative to bottom left…for this I believe I need my center hole to be my first cut and be able to position it over the center point of my board. As mentioned above in Easel center the group…I think I’ve tried that in the Shape tab after selecting all holes and setting the position. This does not seem to have any effect. Is this the way to do it? Am I missing something?

In Easel, I use ‘Select all’, then on the shape tab choose the center coordinate display button and edit the values to 0.0 for X and Y. See if this will let you generate the gcode you want.

That’s it…I needed to edit the values to 0,0. Looks a bit odd in Easel…as if its off the work piece in the rendering on the right…but in Ground Control it looks like it starts in the center.

now to finish the frame and try it out…on mdf first (maybe a few times)…

Thank you