How I made a sharpie pen tracer quick relase to fit into ridgid router

before you slice into that expensive 4x8 of carbon fiber it’s always reassuring to do a trace to make sure the parts will be cut right.
Here is a short youtube video to make a sharpie mount. None of the commercial mounts worked with such a low sled height and this one is more convienient anyways.



Really nice solution. Once you secure the pen’s drift I’m sure you’ll get excellent results.

That is neato. I would not have thought to remove the router from the base. Well done!

I was thinking at first your top and bottom part were 3D printed until I realized they were PVC fittings xD Well done, I may have to make one of these myself!

Nice. You can use a piece of 3/4" pvc to guide your pen.

Awesome. Definitely beats my “just mash a pencil into the collet and watch the z-axis carefully” method.

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Great mod. This is something I plan on doing for our makerspace. Appreciate the information and video.