How many screws did you use for the motor mounts?

I was worried the 2x4 would crack if I went too close to the edges, but I also worry with one screw per slot that the motors might not be rigid enough.


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You are right, 2 screws are NOT enough!
The motor pulls with ~ 30kg/~2.2 pound during calibration if you measure the motor distance with it.
Looking at your picture at least 4, if not 6 should work. Or bolt through.


I’m worried that’ll split the wood. Maybe I should get a piece of metal channel strut, screw that into the top bar and then bolt the motor brackets to the ends of the channel strut.

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With 1 screw the motors will turn.
By pre-drilling you can avoid the slitting.
Use the inner diameter of the screw for the drill.
Trust me, you want that connections strong. The metal channel might do the trick.

I’ve used metal angles from an tv-mount, threaded them and bolted to a ~4x4 after my first mounts gave up.

I attached some strut channel to the top and mounted the motor brackets to that. I think it’s much better.

Thank you!