New motor mount suggestion

I as thinking of the suggestion that Brandon made of making the motor mounts so that they could be removed from the top beam and remounted with good accuracy.

I’ve also been thinking about mounting them to unistrut using normal unistrut bolts.

The mount below is my idea for dealing with this. It can work with both 2x material and unistrut (once the appropriate holes are added to the model), and doesn’t depend on the bolt/screw being super-tight to prevent it from creeping down the beam. I also added a little height so that there can be a bolt through it and have the motor clear the bolt head

it does mean that there would be a left and right motor mount instead of just one part used on both motors



This is similar and I think the answer is somewhere between this and my horrible edit. Also it needs a mount hole for use with Unistrut. I wanted a little more meat to it to screw into on the end for a 2x 4 and a full wrap on the other side incase I want to mount with a “1/4 bolt” through the other direction. Did that make sense?


Thank you

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I don’t want to have the bottom fold, so that it can be used on either the edge of a 2x or on unistrut.

As for holes on the end, I was initially thinking of that, but the question then comes up of needing to weld the end to hold it in place.

I think that just having the flap be long enough to be sure of hitting the back edge of the material will keep things in place, and I don’t think you need a fastener through the end if you have them in the top/back and just use the end flap to keep things from sliding down the beam.

trying to fasten a folded item to two faces of another material is never going to be a perfect fit, so I would say that you should either fasten from the top of the back, but not try both.

send me a PM with the email you use for your onshape account and I’ll give you edit rights on the document

I also wanted to keep the flap smaller to make folding easier (try and keep it clear of the front fold

one nice thing about CAD is how easy it is to tweak something :slight_smile:


I’m onshape challenged. I have an account but have no idea how to edit or make. This version is better.

Can you check with your service place what the price would want to make 8 of these as test pieces please? PM me back.

Thank you

well 4 of one and 4 of it’s mirror

Thank you

Waiting on the USPS to deliver a hand full of these . :slight_smile:

Testing to follow -


We will send you a set on Monday.

Are you going to the meeting tonight? I might be able to make a brief appearance. My Daughter is in town to celebrate her moms Birthday early.

Thank you

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It may be easier for me to swing by your place than to schedule our brief
appearances as the LUG to coincide.

call me when they arrive and let’s see what we can do.

David Lang

It says out for delivery but it could be as late as 8pm. My Daughter is here just for today. Let’s see what time they show up. If it’s after 6 I’ll ring you tomorrow.

Thank you

Ok - they are here and make motor mounting dead simple and quick.

Thank you


that looks good, and it looks like there’s plenty of room to work a bolt under the motor

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Awesome. Looks like a good solution for unistrut.

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I’m taking 2 and 20 characters,
but only 2, not 20

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Can I purchase a set from you? Maybe you could sell them via shapeways?

@phil Welcome to our group.

They are 1/8th inch plate steel laser cut on an industrial laser then sent to a be bent. We had a handful made. I work outside and it’s raining so I can’t test them yet. We are waiting on large quantity quotes.

Shapeways is not a option because they would be casting them. This would not have any consistency in strength.

As designed it is Fast, Accurate, Simple. It’s also custom. As soon as it’s tested we can look forward on the next steps.

Thank you

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Thanks for the quick response. I was on my phone and the photos looked like cast metal, which I see now is not the case! These look great, and will probably be helpful for my folding design in a small shop where I might have to disassemble things from time to time.


How has this mount worked out and have you (or anyone) tried it on unistrut? I’m contemplating my new frame and want to use a unistrut top beam and looking for a good solution to mounting the motor to it.

if you mount the motor to the outside of the (standard) L-bracket you can then use the back side of the motor mount to hold the motor firm against full height unistrut.

The L-Bracket slips underneath and can be bolted through with 2x 1/4"x2.5" bolts, using doubled up washers to keep everything from sliding around and standard 1/4" unistrut nuts (or the included nuts, it doesnt matter, nor should the orientation of the unistrut.

This keeps the motor body against the unistrut cross bar and has resulted in 0 flexing here.


I’m using it on 10ft Wood top beam. I have not run my calibration on the new frame yet. @Dlang is going to use Unistrut. @Phil has a set and @bar too. Have either of you mounted them yet?

I did see @mrfugu picture and mounted my motor using the back side. and with my motors flipped connectors outward I’m very close to the same size @bar recently suggested by cutting ~1 inch off.

testing a new top beam construction:

From 2 days ago when I decided to go with the bottom mount strechy cords:
see close pictures in this thread -

Thank you

Thanks, I understand now. I didn’t realize the motor had holes on the backside as well… all makes sense.