How many times have you gone on a sprocket easter egg hunt?

Man those things fly a long way when you screw up.
2 times for me… Happy Maslowing! :rofl:


I’ve chased those rascals often until I got a couple cheap carabiner-type clips to hook through them. They still come adrift, but stay where I can find them.


Haha I put a couple just like that on my sprockets today!

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I should have gone that route but after I shot one about 30 feet across my shop I just bent the S closed on both sides so that it could not come off of my bungee or the sprocket! (so far I have been winning and have not shot another)


I just lost one. Can anybody point me to a place to buy more?

regular rope pulley works fine too.

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While you wait for delivery :wink:

Works ok with the chain?

I actually prefer this one

works very well with the chain.

David Lang