Where get the gears for tensioning?

Hello all!

I’ve ordered my Maslow, built the frame, and while I wait for shipping, I’m working out my chain tensioning system.

I haven’t finished all my pondering, but one thing that stymies me is that there are only two gears in the kit. Some of my solutions require 4 gears in total. Where does one get just the gear/sprockets for the tensioning part of the chain system? Maslow surplus is sold out of all the chain tensioning bits.


There are two gears and two sheaves as shown in the picture in the thread above. Although I used clothesline pulleys from home depot

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cloathline pulleys work very well for managing the slack (I think better than
the original sprockets and hooks)

you can see a picture of this at

David Lang

Thanks for all the hints on clothesline pulleys!

Also, what is the “stock” chain length from the standard makermade kit?



if you go to a longer top beam, you need the chain to be 6-12" longer than the

David Lang

I did the layout a little differently to maintain the chain tension. I’ve had zero problems with the chain tension. The only problems I have had have been because I hadn’t put any chain lube on the chains themselves so a couple of pins were seizing up and throwing cuts off.
Alternate approach to chain pulley system

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