Anyone have an extra set of sprockets that go on ether side of the chain relief?

Moved and somehow misplaced my set and come to find out it’s some kinda of proprietary piece that Maslow has custom built and are virtually impossible to find. I think I have seen that people have been 3D printing them? If someone has the design and wants to 3D print them for me, I’d be down to buy it.

Do you mean the things that go flying when the bungee cord lets go?

Some people, me too, just use a 2-1/2 in. clothes line pulley from Home Depot.

Yep Thems the ones!!

What’s that Shopify link? Is that a kit or just a photo? Wouldn’t the bearings have to be pressed into it?

How’s the clothing pully compared to the sprocket with regards to accuracy? Any different then the stock setup?

Also saw this

From here:

There is no bearing in it, it’s just a flat sprocket.

Edit: Here is my tension system, should be called fun with clothesline pulleys :slight_smile:

go to home depot or lowes and get a small cloathsline pulley, they work better

something like

David Lang

no different, this is just controlling the slack side of the chain. They pulley
has the advantage that the chain and tension line are fully captured.

if you are wanting to improve accuracy, ditch the bungee cords and just go with
weights. you can get fancy with a lot of pulleys, or you can use simple pipe
sweeps (see the thread I posted)

David Lang

here’s the simple setup I did

David Lang

Oh I like that counter weight system! However space may be an issue as I’m building that 4x4 frame you helped me with in the other thread.

Have you recently cut anything with your counterweight solution?

I was just thinking of using one of those zinc plated springs they are about to ship with the new M2 upgrade kits on makermade.

the problem with any spring setup is that they apply the most force when you
need it the least (more chain fed out, less on the slack side you need to
manage) and the least force when you need it the most. you need to keep the max
tension on the slack side < 2x the min tension on the chains. this is about 8
pounds with the stock setup.

the weights can be anywhere, I opted to go off the end. look at the various ways
other people have routed the ropes/eights.

David Lang