Lost a Gear when moving

I recently moved and while taking apart my maslow, I heard one of the gears that hold the chain slack go flying. I never did find it, even after emptying the entire garage. Anyone know where I can get one from?
I saw a whole pack of stuff here http://maslowcommunitygarden.org/Chain-Tension-Hardware-Kit.html but I only need 1 gear.

i’ve seen similar gears at hardware stores before but take the other one with you to make sure its the right kind. for that gear the diameter shouldn’t matter much but the teeth spacing will

you can just use a pully instead actually works better and wont’ get lost

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specifically clothesline pulleys

you can see one in use in the first picture at

David Lang

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Several years ago when the swamprats took mine I found a replacement on eBay. That particular #25 10 tooth idler sprocket is no longer available but perhaps that’s a usuable hint.

Swamprats have a strange sense of humor and returned the missing part shortly after the replacements arrived. I’d offer you one but am oot

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