How tall is the stalk Maslow?

I’m putting together my Maslow right now, and I was just wondering how tall the stalk Maslow is fully assembled? I only have 7-foot ceilings in my workspace so it is pretty tight.

My garage door is 7ft and the ceiling is 8 ft I feel your pain. I’m sure someone will have a more definitive answer but I calculate a 10 inch rise off the floor plus 48 inches for the sheet and ~ 19 inches on a 45 =? at least 10 -11 inches.

Thank you

Figure the motor shafts sit 16 inches above the plywood sheet, plus a couple inches for the gearbox around the motor, and the sheet needs to stand at least 8 inches above the floor, 10 would be better. Say 18 + 48 + 10 = 76 inches. The whole will be angled about 17 degrees from vertical, so that buys an inch or so. You should get it done in seven feet with some careful planning.

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It is designed to fit through a standard door, which is 6’8", so it will fit in


It just barely fit!


Wow - I thought I had a tight fit. However mine slides in a pocket where it has about 3 inches in front of it when it goes int the garage without the router. So at least you can operate in doors. Good work.

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Also had a sloped floor bought some shims to level it out.

@Onelonedork glad to see it fits for you, but I am more curious about the smoke detector and xylophone in the picture. Some special secret project happening. If the Marlow overheats the smoke detector activates, sending a signal to the xylophone which inturn starts playing a hot little number like…“Ring of Fire” by Jimmy Cash…

That’s Epic dude…:grin: