How to change input values; first notes

I’m messing around a bit with it, but all my input values are stuck at 10, there appears to be no way to change them.

Clicking on the value highlights it in white, but it doesn’t accept any text input. The same goes for the name.

Also, this seems counter-intuitive: a circle with a radius of 10 and a max segment size of 10 is a hexagon?

I do like how if I click on a stage, it shows me what the object looks like at that stage.

The search feature is nice, but it needs a way to either know what all the entries are, or a common words / synonym / thesaurus feature, so like when a person types in “move” or “shift” or “offset”, “translate” is one of the search results. (all queries I tried before translate)

with about 5 minutes of tinkering i managed to make this:

So it’s pretty intuitive, even in it’s current unpolished state. Good job so far and I look foreword to seeing it evolve :slight_smile:

Hmm I think that the issue is with the labels not being clear. I think I will remove the segment size from the individual circles and have it set for the entire project in one place. That number sets the maximum size that a segment of the circle will be so a value of 1 would make a circle constructed from segments of length 1, having it set to 10 makes the circle a bit of a hexagon :grin:

You should be able to change the value of inputs by clicking on the number or name directly like so:

Not that not every input has to have something connected to it. If you want to make a circle of radius 20 you can just make a circle and type 20 in the radius value, you don’t have to define an input

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Ah, I was attempting to use safari on my hackintosh to access it, and apparently safari has issues with the “contenteditable” css tag. (There’s a fix for the issue in that stackoverflow link)