How to find and start G-Code after cut failure


I’m new to all this and I nearly finished my 2nd project and i think the z axis broke so need to fix that but have no idea how to find and tell the G-Code to start at the last point i got up to.

Cant seem to find any YouTube guides on that or explanation here.

Could someone please explain in simple terms how to do that please?



which software re you using? Webcontrol? there are arrows, a line number, and z buttons. The line number will take you to a specific line.
the arrows will move you line by line through the gcode.
The z buttons will move you to the next z-axis lift
Be careful using these because you run the risk of dragging the plunged bit across your work and if your gcode starts and stops your spindle, then it may not start for you in the middle of your gcode file. Ideally, you might try positioning the sled near where you think it should be and then go from the closest z axis plunge so the cut will continue from that point.

If you are using Makerverse, you will likely need to edit your gcode file by keeping the header, but removing all the sections already cut, and then starting it.

Its around a year old as attached… So i need to work out what line it was (somehow) then enter the line number and click the go to button! Great…How do i simulate the process in ground control to try to work out the line…?

Really appreciate the help

I usually try to locate where it stopped in the gcode, hand edit the code to keep the initial header and then delete lines to a Z move shortly before the desired location, add in couple G0s to raise the spindle (no point in gouging the surface) and move to the last known XY before that Z. Gcode moves are from the last position moved to (G1 X1 Y1 assumes you know where it’s starting from), that’s why you want to move it to where that Z move expects. You’ll do a little air cutting. Best to practice on some smaller jobs before you need it, but that’s not an option in the middle of an all day job hanging crisis.

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Thanks, ended up doing the last bit by hand a little messed up but was mainly a prototype anyhow and painted them as the cuts were not perfect.

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Hi just tried another cut in plywood this time, was getting some great cuts but my z Axis let me down again sadly near the end. This is a nice g-code tool i found to view the code ok to view the code but is there an online gcode viewer that makes it easy to play and view the position to help find where you need to edit the gcode? i’ve attached a pic showing where it stopped.

So would the initial header be:

G1X0.0687Y-0.3871F190.0 (guessing this is the 1st cut location)?

lots more similar to this…

gcode.txt (26.4 KB)

ilve attached the first 1400 lines don’t see G0s

appreciate your help…

This is a good tool to edit and run your gcode i just found so what do the number on the ground control panel as in my pic correspond to the gcode line?

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so G0Z0.8000 means Z axis up 8 thousands of a inch or something?
G1Z-0.1181F90.0 means down 0.11?

so based on that this is where it lifts up to the next cut where it failed so all i need to do is delete everything above this


and add the above current opening g code and Im in business/

Feels great to finally understand all aspects of this :slight_smile: