How to I install webcontrol using MAC

I cannot seem to find any info that I is user friendly or goes off topic with windows users …

there is not a build version of webcontrol for a mac. You can do it, but it isn’t for the faint of heart and invoves download the source, install the dependencies and get it to run. Those who worked on it did not have mac, so they didn’t build for it. If you wanted to get it to work and then build a mac version for everyone else, you totally could. You do have 2 other options: 1. bootcamp to linux or windows on your mac and run it that way. 2. makerverse.

ok, thanks for the info. with the makerverse does it work with all kits or just the M2… forgive my ignorance on this subject.

No judgement. There are a lot of details to try to learn and keep straight as you get going. Hang in there.

Makerverse hasn’t been around very long and it is only required to be used with the M2, though it recently has been upgraded to support the older systems. I have not used it more than basice movements and a cut or two on the older system just to verify it does work. There are a few who have tested it. Makerverse will work with the older kits if they have the newer firmware version ([holey-51.28.hex] ( . There are instructions on how to upload it in the wiki category of this site. The older kits will work with makerverse, webcontrol or groundcontrol, but the firmware above will only work with makerverse or webcontrol. You will need 1.26 for groundcontrol.