Webcontrol on Mac

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Does anyone have suggestions / tips on how to run webcontrol on a mac?

I see the docker instructions, but that seems to be a bit beyond my technical competence.

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to my knowledge there is not a run-time distribution for it, but you can install the development environment for it and it should work. The process is a bit long and tedious to get all of the dependencies installed, but it should be able to run it.

Start by following the developer installation instructions on the webcontrol page (scroll down to “developing”) and copy/paste them into your terminal window.

I’m not a docker guy either, but I have learned to google and follow instructions and if you are willing to try, you can likely get it to work.

  1. install git if not installed
  2. Clone the repository
  3. You may need to install python. Do that first, then do the python virtual environment as the development instructions above in the link suggest
  4. install the requirements as instructed in the development environment (this is where I ran into trouble, but it worked out)
  5. once everything is loaded, you run it by typing python main.py in the webcontrol folder.

Feel free to ask more questions in your thread or PM me as you go. I don’t have a mac anymore, so I can’t give much more than ideas for what to try, but the mac will run python and should work. Give yourself a couple hours to crank through it. Once you get it set up, you can make a shortcut or script to run it or you can modify it if you want.

Hey guys, I’m new to the Maslow Cnc world, but have my Maslow up and running on ground control. But would like to use something that will see updates in the future. I followed above but didn’t have any luck, I’m just not great with code. So to my question, did someone make a Mac OS installer for web control? Or is there a way to have makerverse take to my mega 2560. I tried to connect an seems to give gibrish so I would try anything more. But ground control works and moves as advertised. I just think it could be more accurate in the future with updated software once in a while.

Thanks again, oh, I also managed to get webcontrol to run in docker, but can’t get a port connection to show up on my MacBook Pro. I don’t know anything about docker by the way.

Any help would be great. A Mac installer would be wonderful. Lol

Not an expert in docker myself, but try adding -p 5000:5000 to the command line launching your WebControl docker. It should forward port 5000 to the internal port 5000 of WebControl.


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A couple of options that have worked for me:

  1. To install webcontrol and all the prerequisites, use homebrew - https://forums.maslowcnc.com/t/how-to-upgrade-to-holey-51-28-firmware-using-webcontrol-in-preparation-for-running-makerverse/14549/9

  2. Or skip webcontrol and move to the browser based makerverse.

Using the Mac has been challenging.


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