How to store your M4

So I have a stupid question…say your running your project at the normal 15° angle and you finish. Would you retract all your belts and store it away or just leave it hanging there. Would that stretch your belts?

I would detach and retract the belts, you need to do so for at least a couple
belts to load the next workpiece anyway, and leaving the belts attached makes it
more likely that you will snag them with something

and it lets you move the frame to make it eat less space.

David Lang

It’s probably better to take it down and put it away, but I’ve also left mine hanging for months at a time and didnt notice any issues

That’s good to know… My shop is small. So my table will fold down when I need it as an assembly table but if I down then I can leave it. I can’t wait till I can post a pic of my frame set up because I think it can help a lot of people. Going to build it before my M4 arrives.

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THAT is a great idea. I don’t have room for a full time assembly table but one that is normally folded against the wall or at an angle for use by the Maslow might be doable.

You would probably have to remove any plywood being worked ‘cause if it faced up it would be a lousy work surface and if it faced down it might fall off.

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