Any chance I can get some spare belts added to my M4 when it ships?

I’m happy to pay for another 4 belts to be added to my M4 order when it ships. I’m order 10008, and I’m based in the UK. It would be handy to have the spare belts, in case things break. I can imagine that international repairs might take a while to go through, so having some local spares might speed things up.

Yes, the same for me! My ordernumber is 10079.

There is literally ZERO space in the box at the moment. It’s like 120% full as it is because of all the upgrades that we added after we chose the box size. Anna is trying to find a way to make them fit and if we can get them in there we will 100% do it, but I’m a little worried that it could end up breaking some other part.

Sure. I’m wondering whether you can attach a smaller box using tape or something? Basically, I’m thinking “outside of the box” (pun somewhat intended), but I’m not here to cause stress. :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate that this is now probably the busiest that you guys have ever been - now that you’re not just shipping, but issuing firmware fixes, answering more questions on forums, etc. Please feel free to say “we can only ship them separately” if that makes things a lot easier. International shipping is fraught with risk at the best of times…

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I’m thinking of those sticky plastic envelopes that say “Packing List Enclosed” or some such. I wonder if your shipper would give you the stink eye if you slid a couple of belts into one of those and stuck it to the outside of the package.

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maybe unwrap and pre-roll the extra belts on the spindles then bluetape so it doesnt unravel?

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The hard part is the extra spools. We could probably fit a couple extra belts in the box because they are pretty flat and soft, but the spools are big and poky so I’m worried they might puncture the box or the other parts in there

I was in batch 1 and received mine a couple a weeks ago, still haven’t open the package yet, because I don’t know if I’m going to use it.
What are the upgrades that are in the older batches that are not in the newer ones?

All of the machines are identical, but we added a lot of parts since the Kickstarter launch. We extended the z-axis travel by an inch, added bigger z-axis stepper motors, added bracing to the z-axis for rigidity, added the cooling fan, added a second bearing to support the other side of the motor shaft, and a whole bunch of other things that I can’t quite remember

Every machine has all of the upgrades…they just mean that the boxes that we ordered at the beginning are really really full