How to transform .dwg or dxf to Gcode

Hi there,

All the parts I want to cut with my new Maslow are in dwg or dxf format. I get it that I should use a decoder to transform those drawings into Gcode format.

I also get that Maker Cam can generate the G codes.

But how do I import the dxf files into MakerCam or transform them in .svg files?

Greetings to all…

You need to convert the dwg and dxf files to svg for use in makercam. You can open dxf files in inkscape. I’ve occassionally used for some files.

I’ve had quite some troubles with inkscape as of lately… I have started to use LibreCAD instead.
Open your file,
select all and start hitting the button ‘convert selection to polyline’. after that you can export to SVG.
I’m using Easel which have some trouble figuring out which lines are connected, that’s why I’m doing the polyline thing.
LibreCAD have an ‘export to makerCAM SVG’ function, so you just might get away with opening the file and then exporting it directly

If you plan at one point to create your own designs, it is worth to look into programs that can handle dxf/dwg and create gcode. Fusion360 and FreeCAD are only 2 of many choices.
The learning curve is with all and with all can be mastered.

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Hi Guys, thanks for the advice.

I use Dassault System’s Draftsight 2D to draw my parts and discovered that there is another way to create the .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Just click on “export” and choose the format.

I tried to “save as” before, and that’s why it did not work…

Now I can go on and get another bunch of new questions…

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Just saw that the professional version of Draftsight creates G-Codes directly.

Anyone knows if it is worth the US$ 200 per year?

The Draftsight solution did not wor well either.
Discovered that Easel from Inventables has an APP to import .dxf files directly. It is working for me…

how much are you going to be using your maslow :slight_smile:

avoiding having to export your design and use a separate CAM package can easily
be worth $200/year in itself, depending on how much your time is worth.

David Lang

Are you looking for a CAM ? or just convert file into SVG to be ale to use MakerCam ? what motivated your choice ? What Software generate the CAD ? (DXF/DWG version).

Hi, Stephane,

I use Draftsight 2D to generate my CAD files. I tested the Draftsight professional on the shop PC, but obviously was to stupid and could not generate the G-Codes for my Maslow directly.
So I looked for a dummy-proof alternative yo transform .dxf to .nc. And Easel is doing the trick…
Will look into your link, though!