How do I work with DXF files in Maker Cam? Or are there other sources of software we can use to work with DXF files. It seems like SVG files are the dominant file for this machine in terms of importing files. I am used to converting my surfboard pieces from PDF to DXF and then cutting them on a carvewright. Any suggestions to this beginner would be really appreciated!

makercam only accepts svg files.

that is only one option for using this machine, it’s hard to say if it’s the
dominate format, there are a LOT of people working from Fusion 360 for example.
Yes the early examples were inkscape -> makercam, but over time there has been a
lot of work with other CAD/CAM packages

you may also want to look at maslow create, it’s a web based CAD that should be
getting CAM added (if it isn’t already)

Thank you that’s good food for thought. I’ll play with some of that and come back with a few more questions

This video may be of use to you:

Thank you. I have tried a few different online file converters (as well as Convertio). I need to really soak this video in, before moving forward for sure.

Thanks you

my work computer blocked this webpage (convertio.co)said it was unsafe

cloudconvert.com might be of use to you. I use it from time to time to convert PDF’s to svg’s.

Another way would to use whatever software you use to convert from PDF to DXF and then use Deepnest to convert to SVG. Deepnest requires that one of your imports is the sheet you are nesting in. just a DXF of a rectangle will work.