Converting Sketchup files into G-Code

I’ve been looking for a way to get my SketchUp files into an SVG format. I can save it as a DXF or STL file, but I’ve not had any luck in getting those converted into SVG. I tried using FeeCAD to do the conversion, but when I open the DXF file the scale of the parts is all wrong. I’m very new to CAD/CAM programs and CNC in general so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Take a look at this thread, there is an extension for Sketchup that will save SVG files.

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That worked. I had the wrong version. Still not importing into MakersCAM correctly, but its getting better. Thank you very much!!


I use the DXF export plugin for Sketchup available here:

Then I convert the DXF to GCode with EstlCam.

Yeah, EstlCam costs money. I felt it was worth it.

To be clear, I have not tried this workflow approach with Maslow yet (my Maslow is still in too many pieces to make sawdust), but I have used it successfully on my small GRBL-based CNC for a couple years now, cutting parts for 3D printers, other CNCs, my vehicles, other hobbies, you name it.

I prefer the .dxf approach as it is more of an engineering approach, the scales are accurate, if my parts don’t fit together, it is because I drew it wrong. Most of my projects are “engineering” projects where dimensions and scale are critical. I am hopeful that the Maslow will have the level of accuracy I require, and I hope to find out soon.


I tried that approach at first, but when I imported the DXF or STL file into FreeCAD the scale was all wrong. For example a part that was 11.75" long in SketchUp, when exported into a DXF file and opened in FreeCAD it would measure 0.461831". I may try the EstlCam program, it has a trial version and at $59 it’s pretty cheap.

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I use Sketchup with SVG Plugin and Makercam. Inkscape If I need to touch anything up quick.

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Looks like you exported your part in millimeters.

EstlCam’s demo is fully functional. I don’t use the machine control portion, just the CAM portion.

that sounds like an inches/mm error, make sure you export and import it using
the same units.

DXF has hard numbers in it, but it doesn’t say if those numbera are inches, mm,
feet, meters, etc

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Also make sure that you change the resolution in maker cam.