Humming noise from all three motors when USB connection is physically connected

For a while now, I have a humming noise coming from all three of the motors. If I unplug the USB port the humming stops. If I engage a motor, the noise changes.

Is this standard behavior, or am I doing something wrong?

Original maslow kit, plus upgrade to M2.



This is regardless of the controller. The old controller in the original maslow kit and the new due controller produce the same sound in the motors.

I did the same upgrade. The old controller/software (webcontrol) had an auto sleep after 2 seconds. Makerverse does not have the same auto sleep.

Makerverse does have a sleep button which will make the noise go away.

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Clicking Put machine to sleep does make a tiny bit of difference, but the humming noise is still there. The only way to make things quiet is by unplugging the USB cable on my install.

I can only suggest you check all of your connections. Sleep completely quiets my motors. If your do not, perhaps you have a bad connection. Bad connections cause very strange behavior. I had a bent pin on my Z axis connection and had all 3 motors run away and my Z axis motor came apart after hitting the physical limit.

Thank you for being persistent :slight_smile: - After closing the connection, reopening it, and unlocking and putting it to sleep, it did indeed go to sleep. I can only assume that I had played too much, and somehow the connection got screwed.

Quietness is a nice state :sleeping: :slight_smile:


The sleep button is a blessing :wink: