Not connecting ,hearing motors hum off and on

I am just starting to calibrate .
My motors are humming off and on .
When I try to calibrate ,it says usb connection lost ,comes up all the time ,
Latest software etc ,windows 10 ,maslow jumpstart kit with upgrade z axis m2 .
I see a yellow light on in the white control box .
Kind of stuck ,in my build

Do you only see this error message when you start to calibrate or does it happen when you don’t touch anything?

How did uploading the firmware go?

What version of the kit do you have? (Where did you buy it from?)

Edit: Just saw the MakerMade tag…is that correct?

I’m going to restart from scratch ,I just got wifi hooked up to garage ,the firmware and software.
I have the maslow jumpstsrt and then upgraded to the m2 z axis ,
I have the white plug in one ,I will take pics when I do again .
I could hear the hum in all motors ,but it would cut in and out ,and say on the Adriano, that usb connection lost and couldn’t get past it .

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