I came across this gem - DFX2Gcode

I have not tested it yet.

If anyone has experience with this please share it with the group.

Thank you

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I noticed that DXF2GCODE is now in the Debian package repository’s for SID/Buster. I downloaded it and installed it on my RPi 3 running Jessie and it works. It also pulls in and uses PStoEDIT which does PDF to DXF on the backend,


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Has anyone got any hints for this software? It might be ideal for my application, and for Maslow users at large.

I have downloaded the software and it runs.
I have created my DXF file in QCAD.
I have loaded the DXF in DXF2GCODE, and I see the shape I want in the application window.
(Insert what to do next here)
Then load the G-Code onto Maslow

I loaded the G-Code for my first attempt into ncviewer, and I saw only a long line, which makes me think I got the X-Y plane wrong, however I haven’t really found anything to tell me what to do, so I was hoping someone else has some information to help me.

It’s quite exciting as I really like QCAD and I haven’t really got to grips with FreeCAD. Also, I found out how to export 2D DXF files from OpenSCAD, which I also like a lot for 3D printing work, but I could use to quickly whip up a shape for Maslow.

Incidentally I also just played with ‘ezdxf’, which is a Python program for making DXFs. This means I can programmatically make a template for the thing I want, load it into QCAD and add the details, then (hopefully) use DXF2GCODE to get it onto the Maslow. For me that would be a very quick and simple workflow.

Did you see this page?

Yes, indeed. It’s the world’s least helpful wiki.

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It does look very incomplete, indeed.
I did play with dxf2gcode couple of years back, but remember nothing.
I’ll try to play with it over the weekend.

Thanks. I think I’m only missing one thing. As I said, I have the DXF and it looks right when I open it in the DXF2GCODE program. I also found somewhere to specify my 1/4" (6.35mm) cutter, and a way to specify on each line in my drawing whether I am cutting to the left or right (for outlines and cutouts).
I’d really like to get it going as it means the workflow from idea to object would be really smooth.

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Ok. I think I’m onto it. I will document the steps here, but part of the reason for my confusion is that I cannot preview the output on ncviewer, but I can preview it on https://nraynaud.github.io/webgcode/

I need to look at the G-Code itself, but it looks promising. I might also just run it on the Maslow and see if it works.

The goal is this simple workflow:
Your favourite CAD program -> DXF -> DXF2GCODE -> G-Code file -> Maslow

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I’ve started a tutorial here. Anyone who can help would be welcome.

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