I just joined and seem to be limited

I just joined and seem to be limited. I am not able to send any private messages, so I will post on the forum. I would like to send a message to Bar and need to contact him as soon as possible. Could someone please message him and tell him to contact me.


Thank You mrfugu. I sent a message out on Sunday night and haven’t heard back yet, so that’s why I posted on the forums.

FWIW, they’re in PST… so the day is just getting started there.

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They’re a pretty small operation, very busy, and probably overwhelmed with email on top of that. Give them time to work through the backlog.

If it’s about a prospective purchase of a Maslow or parts, there’s a lengthy wait-list, and one reason for that is the long lead time for the custom parts like motors. If they had them they’d be shipping kits and taking orders. They’re too ethical to go the pre-buy route, money today for product who knows when.

Give them a week or so, then bump them on the contact page if you haven’t heard


Thank You all.
I got in touch with him :slight_smile: