Not sure where this goes, general question about a vendor

When you order from the surplus parts store, is it normal to not get a reply about your order status? Not trying to throw them under the bus, just I’ve never dealt with them before, and the radio silence since I placed my order makes me a little nervous. I’ve had some BAD experiences in the past with online vendors (not anyone in the maslow community as of yet), call me paranoid.


Maybe send them an email if you are worried about the silence. They are a couple of my old coworkers who I asked to help the community out by selling spare parts so I know they aren’t a scam or anything, but their day job is running a farm so they can get really busy with that.

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Thank you for that! Nathan actually did email me this morning, everything is ok. Just wasn’t sure as I’ve never dealt with them before. I’m very glad you responded. If you speak for them, then I’m in good hands. Thank you Bar!

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