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Metal Maslow order

Any issues with @Metalmaslow? Ordered in beginning of Feb, got an email saying order had shipped on March 1st, but didn’t arrive. I then sent an email for status on the 6th of March (no reply) , called yesterday and sent an email, no answer, no reply.

they are back logged parts from china due to virus.

I ordered my Metal Maslow about 2 weeks ago and it was here in 3 Days. ordered the router and metal top bar last week, here in 3 days also so they are normally very fast shippers. I’ve had good luck talking with them on Facebook at the Maslow CNC Users Group, screen name is Metal Maslow cnc.

Good luck, hope the parts are coming soon,


Mine is supposed to arrive today. I ordered at the end of last week. They answered the question or two that I had in about a day each.

we still have all the parts to make complete kits, but some of these new sled parts are taking longer, thanks for everyone’s patience.


I ordered a z axis kit 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything. Would be nice to get an ETA or email response at least to know I haven’t been forgotten.