I just wanna have fun

Honestly, I just want to get a kit and start working. So the question remains how long until I can get my hand on one?

“I just wanna have fun”

No Idea.
The part “I just wanna have fun” could be answered by:
It is no fun to source all parts yourself, but possible.
The part of how long will it take is answered by:
Depends on how much you are willing to pay for others to do the work of sourcing the parts and shipping them to you. You might have luck there.

Asking someone to put everything together for you for free is ambitious, but with the good people in the forum not unrealistic.

Regards, Gero

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Actually, I would have no problem sourcing the parts IF I had a list of the parts for this kit as presented by the Maslow crew and a schematic for the board used.

bee is selling the board for $75, search for
blue smoke
and you will find the thread.
the community garden has a list of pretty much every single piece needed to build the maslow except the motors which you can buy directly off the store (until they sell out)

It took me about 2 weeks to source and receive all of the parts myself - it was kind of fun!
Today I cut out all the frame parts and laid them out (making mods to get it to fit in my brother’s garage) - gluing/screwing/etc tomorrow night!

I actually still need the H-Bridge board, but as @aluminumwelder mentioned, @Bee is working on having a batch built - so sooner or later I’ll get it running!

Jump in - it’s fun even without a kit! The parts list is Under MORE on the main page, and the Wiki, lists equivalent parts.


you are in luck, there is such a list (search for BOM on the wiki), and
schematic for everything is available in github.

David Lang

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how much did it cost with shipping from all the different suppliers? Seems like one should be able to save a little money.


I’ll have to sit down and dig up all my invoices, but I doubt that I did it cheaper than the kits. I chose speed and thoroughness over cost every time. There was a LOT of shipping charges as a result of ordering one component at a time and I over-paid for many components to avoid the 45-day shipping times from origins such as China.

One nasty example - I’m using a 13’ unistrut, so the 11’ chains I got from Bar&Hanna will be too short, so I ordered some master links which arrived in 4 days, but cost $8.99 plus $25 shipping - that’s $34 to make sure I had a pair of Master Links on-hand to extend my chains when the time comes.

However, some of the high prices were offset by kind component donations from folks like @blurfl - There are GREAT folks here, & I look forward to becoming a contributor and helping others get started too!

Once I get around to going through all my records, I’ll post a summary, not just of costs, but suppliers as well.


We’re working to get some independent community kit sellers up and running. We’re introducing them to all our suppliers and doing everything we can to make that process smooth but it will probably still be a couple months on that front.

A buddy of mine is taking on the task of selling all the odds and ends that we’ve had left over from all of the production batches. I’m going to be organizing stuff with him after work tomorrow and as soon as we get him up and running we’ll have a lot of the parts you would need for sale so if you do want to put together a kit from the parts they will be more easily available soon!

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That would be dead sexy. Thanks

I’m looking for a Ring Kit, since Mine came with the quadrilateral setup and there are some limitations already.

To have them done in Brazil it’s US$ 250, which I think is overkill (maybe I’m wrong).

Yep, that’s overpriced

you can laser cut the wood triangulation kit, or see about getting the top mount
triangulation kit cut locally (shipping it from the US would probably cost $35,
so buying one from me would be $70, plus any customs fees you run into)

David Lang

Hi David, I will be in Ft. Lauderdale in early november. Can you send one there?

BTW, this was the price to have it laser cut as you suggested!

sure, that should be a 2-3 day delivery, $40

David Lang

The ring is big and so it takes a lot of metal to cut, and one-off cut jobs run
into minimum job pricing.

If they told you $250 for one, you could probably do a half dozen or more for
$300 (well, depending on material cost)

the setup cost is high.

David Lang

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I’m new here… what is this voodoo you’re speaking of? wood triangulation kit? please share a link so I can read up? are you selling a ring mount kit? I’m in Colorado.

As soon as I have the address where I will stay, I’ll let you know. Do you accept credit card?

at the top of the swap meet topic there is a pinned post on triangulation kits.

These are options that we came up with before the ring was shipped. We still
haven’t settled which of the three options is the best (we haven’t had anyone
build all three versions, but @Bee is working on this right now)

I have heard that pillagethenburn may have dropped out so it may be hard to
purchase his kit, but he posted the file so you can get it cut by anyone with a
laser cutter

David Lang

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