I missed the Kickstarter and accidently bought a M2!

When is the next batch opening up?

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there is a waiting list, but the next batch will be around the time the first
batch ships to the kickstarter backers.

David Lang

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Yup! @dlang is exactly right. Sorry that happened!

We just wanted to keep everything as simple as possible and focus 100% on delivering to our KS backers. As soon as we’ve got that all sorted out and we have the time to do it right we will start taking orders again. I know it’s annoying having to wait, but we don’t want to take your money until we know exactly when we can promise to deliver you a machine by.


I’m sorry this happened. Please contact me, and I’ll see that we can get you sorted out with a return. Meanwhile please sign up for Maslow’s waiting list as Maker Made and Maslow CNC are separate companies. The URL for signing up is here: