Kickstart not allowing more pledges/payments?

Hi all,

New user here, hoping to get my hands on a Maslow4 CNC Kit!

On the Kickstarter page, there appear to be 72 spots left for the ’ Maslow4 Full Kit Batch #3’ but I can’t seem to pay/pledge.

I’m new to Kickstarter but other projects on Kickstarter appear to work just fine. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?



kickstarters only run for a specified period of time (30 days being typical),
and that time has finished for the maslow 4

At this point you will have to wait until they ship the kickstarter units and
re-open orders (or someone else takes advantage of the opensource nature of the
design and makes one)

David Lang

Oh no, it looks like I was just a few days late, argh :smiley:

Thanks for clarifying the situation, David, much appreciated. I’ll keep my eye out for hopefully another round then.

Kind regards,



Did they share the cad files yet?

Read the updates on Kickstarter… Design isn’t even done yet :wink:

I tried reading everything I could but I have AuDHD and never having been on Kickstarter before I got a bit lost in information overload :sweat_smile: That when/why I decided to try and get some information here.
I’ll be definitely going over the updates again though, now that I understand a bit more of how Kickstarter works!



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