I need help resizing SVG files

So I have figured out how to upload svg files into makercam, but when I do it is not the size I want, but I can’t figure out a way to make the image larger on makercam? Am I missing something? For instance my wife wants a frog cut out roughly 18x20 inches and when I open the svg file in makercam it is only like 8x8 inches. I need help lol !

I’m not much of a makercam user but maybe this will help.

Thank you

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Fantastic, thanks!

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I’ve also found that changing the “svg import resolution” under Edit -> Preferences helps to scale everything correctly. 96 seems to be the correct value for files saved from Inkscape


FYI - on page 87 of "Getting started with CNC " Ed Ford suggests 90? This is importing a project he has you create in Ink Scape. Fww

Good book BTW -

Thank you

It was 90 in old Inkscape and it is 96 now if you did not change it in the preferences


Three things:

  1. You mentioned wanting to change the “image size”. The size of the image on screen is almost completely different from the size of the thing it represents. To change the visual size on your screen, you use ZOOM / Magnification, rather than scaling.

  2. DPI is dots per inch. For these purposes, it should be set to your screen’s DPI (which is probably about 90, unless you have a tiny 1080p or a small 4k monitor), so it’s probably fine as-is. If you’re also using the software for printing pictures (as opposed to CAM), then you might want the DPI to match the maximum printer DPI, or the printer DPI that you plan to use (if you’re not printing at maximum quality). But again, for CAM, set it to your screensize or just ignore it.

  3. SVG (and SVG-oriented drawing programs like Inkscape) support real-world units of measurement, like inches and millimetres, from what I remember. Set the units correctly in inkscape, then set the measurements as desired, and you “shouldn’t” have any problems. If you still do, it’s probably a fault or a setting in the cam software that you’re importing to at that point. Yep, confirmed that Inkscape supports cm, mm, etc.: http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Units_In_Inkscape

Note that the screenshot shown is for BITMAPS – images embedded in the SVG. It shouldn’t matter AT ALL for importing the vectors from an SVG into a CAM program.

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