Motors/Z axis kit, unassembled boards and Parts

I’ve got some parts from a build that isn’t going to happen.

Two motors, fresh from Maslow.

One Z axis kit.

10 boards- Manufactured from the latest file uploaded on to the site. Note- I’ve not personally assembled and tested one, so I can only assume everything is correct.

ALL the components to assemble two boards (I think). Still in the box from Digi-Key. I attached a PDF invoice for the order so you can see exactly what’s there.

With shipping, There’s about $250 worth of ‘stuff’ here. I can’t see it just gathering dust on my shelf if someone can put it to good use.

$150.00 for all, Shipped to a US address. PayPal only, please.

Jul 5, Doc 1.pdf (608.9 KB)


You have my interest.


I would like to purchase these materials from you. I live in Atlanta area. How do we get in touch?
I can use Paypal.


You can email me

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As usual, I will point out that the Maslow forums are available to everyone, so unless you want every spam-generating robot on the planet to send you mail, I would suggest erasing your email address in your post.