Maslow with Z axis for sale. New in box

I’ve realised I’m not going to have time to build my CNC machine so I’m going to have to sell it. It is still in the package it was mailed in. It has the Z axis.
If you are interested PM me with your best offer before Dec 14th and best offer will win.
Good luck.

I couldn’t figure out how to create a PM (perhaps I don’t have enough forum privileges?) but I’d be interested at the normal price ($350+$60) plus $40 (=$450) plus shipping. But, I want to make sure to get into the preorder for the next batch otherwise so I can’t wait until Dec 14th for an answer.

Hi Bob, I sent you a PM (after lots of looking around for how!)

Hi yall! has this been sold?

Next in line if still available.

I’ll take it if everything before me falls through