I never received part of my order

Hi, I never received my z-axis kit, which I ordered a year ago asking with my Maslow complete kit. I can’t find anyone to contact regarding my order, maybe you can assist. I did email the owner, as her email was listed on my receipt, but no response. Thanks!

Sorry about that! Did you order from Maslow CNC or MakerMade? Do you have an order number?

Order Number: #08445 (placed on May 30, 2018 04:50PM PDT)
Thank you.

That looks like absolutely my fault. I’m sorry about that!

Fortunately MakerMade just started selling the z-axis kits so I can order one from them and have it sent directly to you. I will send you a PM to confirm that your address is still the same.

Again, my bad. Sorry for the trouble.

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Send me an email at chris@makermadecnc.com, I’ve got some sample components in the shop and can piece a z axis kit together for you free of charge.