Missing the cable for z-axis

I finally was able to unpack and assemble my Maslow and I am missing the cable that runs from the z-axis motor to the controller board. I went to the store to see if I could replace it but could not find it. How di I get the cable?

From where did you get the kit? From what batch is it?

I got the kit from Maslow in June, It was delivered at the very end of June if I recall. I was waiting for my new shop and ran into delays with the east coast storms.

In that case would drop @hannah or @bar a mail, but by mentioning them they are already on this post :wink:
I hope/sure they can help you out.

I will give them time to reply b4 sending them an e-mail. TY

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If you still have the email conversation from the order, you should have Hannah’s email and I would go the second track to speed things up.

I should. I try to save everything lol

I have @mail44 type of addresses. no @hannah or @ bar. is it maslowcnc.com@bar or hannah or can I reply to any order e-mail. I did find out it shipped on 7/17/18? Order Shipped: #09003

I ordered 2016 and clean out emails, so I can’t help. But Bar will show up on this post and help out from my experience.

ok, thanks