Where can i purchase motor and components for Z axis now that the store is sold out?

I bought the kit and wanted to purchase the z-axis motor as well and the Maslow kit is sold out is there anyone that can point me in the right direction in order to find what I need?

Thanks All

@Celder20 Welcome to our group.

The store is not showing the items you mentioned as “sold out”.


Thank you

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It was earlier. I received an email from another staff member letting me know that the in store problem was resolved and that the product could be ordered again. Thank you so much for the diligence, genius, and supportive community that you all have developed we cannot wait to utilize our Maslow CNC at our shop!

Many thanks,

Cory Elder


I bought a whole extra Maslow kit, z-axis kit, Arduino shield, and 2 motors just for spare parts.