I was thinking about preventing tip over

I am a big dummy compared to most of yall. But I was thinking of an idea that would be a very affordable way to prevent tip over and still be able to use the chain driven system.

Use a sled in a cradle as used on drafting tables or on panel saws.

you could have the a set of pipes or rails top and bottom to provide a y axis for the y axis supports to freely slid or roll on. Then on the Y axis it could be a set of tubes or angles that allow the sled to freely roll up and down.

No need for a complicated gantry system as the sled would follow the chains exactly as they do now, but it would be supported on the y axis pipes or angles so it would not need to have a solid work piece. The y support slide on x axis and the sled freely rides up and down y axis.

What are yall’s thoughts?

Check out this thread…

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Awesome sauce! That was exactly what I was thinking of. And it could probably serve a s a panel saw sled!