A hybrid Maslow?

Greetings all.
First saw the Maslow design about a week ago. I like the KISS concept in design but the Mas, as presented here won’t do what I need it to do. Has anyone tried to cross a Mas with a gantry type arm for the horizontal? Imagine the sled riding across a 10’ beam, one motor for left/right, the other for up/down. I can imagineer the beam so it won’t rack, counter balance it to eliminate weight if necessary. The sled would then be held above, not touching the work surface for 3d work. The only tension on the chains would come from pulling the bit thru the work instead of supporting the sled at awkward angles .
As background reference, I run a Thermwood 40 at work, need something with 4x8 capacity, small footprint, and a whale of a lot less electricity for my backyard mancave.

Am enjoying the articles photos and links on this site. :+1:

Yes! You are not alone. Is this the kind of thing you are thinking of?

There is another more active thread on the same topic, but I couldn’t find it just now

Not exactly. The guides on the vertical would be at the outer edges of 10’ beam top and bottom. The gantry operating like a window washers platform. Each axis independent, no mixing. At the finish of each sheet the gantry raises up above the 4x8 wasteboard for access.

Definitely an interesting concept, particularly the idea of counterbalancing the gantry. I’ve not see anyone do this but if it doesn’t rack, then I don’t see any reason for it not to work. Awesome idea.

But just also know, don’t fully counterbalance because maslow uses gravity to lower the sled… it still needs weight to do so, but you can counterbalance the weight of the gantry.