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Idler Sprocket vs Chain Tension Idler

Hi all,
I have assembled my frame but am now confused. Step 12: Hook up the chain states

Take the chain and loop it over the sprocket leaving the outside end dangling. Hook the inside end of the chain on the small nail. Take the stretchy cord and form a loop in each end using zip ties. Hook one end over the screw to the inside of the motor. Place the idler sprocket and S hook in the loop of the chain, then hook the other end of the stretchy cord to the S hook.

My kit did not come with stretchy cord, additional sprockets or S hooks. I got a Chain Tensioner Idler. I do not have any instruction that shows me how to use/attach it for I assume the same purpose. Can anyone please assist?


Did you get a Maslow Classic or M2? What vendor did you get it from?

Can you provide a picture of what you actually received? This would help us to figure out what you have and how it should go together.

Also, if you did not get the stretchy cord (bungee), then what did you get to help pull the tension.

I just posted a couple pictures of 2 different setups that were functional. Maybe they will help you? You can use anything you can find at home or at the hardware store to make this thing work. If you figure out a different or even better way in your process, please share it.

can you say what kit you have and a picture of the idler?

David Lang

Please, take a look at this assembly guide

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That was it…I was using the wrong assembly guide. Thanks