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Chain or stretchy cord too long or is this right?

Working my way through finally building the kit I bought over a year ago and am close to making my first test cuts I hope. I am on steps 21-24 of the assembly instructions where you attach the stretchy cords to the slack end of the chain but I think something is off. I’ve done the extend chains procedure in WebControl and the chains are where they ended up but this looks like too much slack to me. Is this expected? Is the stretchy cord in the kit possibly too long?

That is excessive, but the stretchy cord is not the ideal way to control the slack (it produces the most tension when you need the least, and the least when you need the most) take a look at Weights for chain tension for a simple way to use weights to manage the slack

Hmm that is quite loose.

Is it possible that it should be running over a bearing at on the S hook and then coming back to the attachment point?


This is the guide I am following:MakerMade Assembly Guide

I’m sure its possible but I think I am following the instructions.

Thanks. I looked at the link you posted but that picture isn’t enough for me to understand what to do with it. I’m not very mechanically inclined.

I was just hoping to get this going with whats in the box and then make improvements and upgrades after I understand it more which will likely never happen. This is actually for my wife’s side business and her brother built the frame. I’m responsible for the electronics and mechanical bits but I’ve been struggling with this part for almost a month working a few hours a day on it.

ahh, in that picture I use paracord (1/8" nylon rope) to go from a clothsline
pully across the machine, through a ‘sweep’ (1/2" large radious elbow, found in
the electrical section, and then down to a milk jug partially filled with water
(to weigh 4-6 lb).

with the stretchy cord, make sure you attach it to the far end of your frame,
then run the sled to the bottom corner under where the cord is attached (max
chain length, least slack) then adjust the length of the stretchy cord (or
double it up) so that there isn’t more than about 6 lb of tension on the cord.

then move the sled to the top corner on the far side from the cord attachment
(shortest chain length, most slack)

David Lang

Thanks for the feedback. I think I see now what you mean with the weights. I may try this.

In the Makermade instructions it says to put the two pulleys 1" on either side of center and anchor each cord 8" from the respective end. I think shortening the cord should do the trick but I don’t know how much tension should be on the chain with it in the position it is after doing the extend chain process but without the sled attached. I hope that makes sense.

at max slack, you want the minimum tension that will manage the chain (because
the tension will increase as the slack gets smaller, and you don’t want to
exceed 6-7 pounds of tension or it introduces some error in the bottom corners)

It looks to me like you have done it as shown in the instructions:

I think that just shortening the cord a bit is probably the easiest thing to do. I’m not sure why it would be so loose like that.