I'm at Makerfaire

I’m going to be at Maker Faire this weekend!

If you are on the USA West coast, drop by! I’ve got an awesome location outside (so I can make a ton of noise) in Zone 9 (across from the airplane designed to be flown by someone with a disability that doesn’t let them use their legs…just down from the giant bubble machine).

I’m probably going to be a little absent from the forums over the weekend so if anyone has an issue that needs my attention let them known I haven’t forgotten them, I’m just hanging out with Maslow folks in real life this weekend.

See some of you soon!! :grinning:


Sounds like a blast! Have fun!

that reminds me Charlotte, NC has a maker fair, I should demo my maslow there. I bet people would enjoy seeing it!


I went to the mini maker faire in Palm Beach and was totally surprised when I saw a Maslow from this school in Boca.

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I am one of the organizers of the Westport CT Maker Faire. My plan was to bring my Maslow this year, but there was a date conflict and I was away (first Faire I missed in 7 years :frowning: )

Anyway, I wrote one of the Palm Beach organizers and didn’t hear back. I am curious how they set up their Maslow to make sure noise (and safety) weren’t an issue. I was thinking I’d have to show the Maslow as a draw-bot to keep things quiet. Can you share any info about the setup? Also, @bar - do you have any noise/safety concerns for San Diego?

We asked for a booth outside to keep the noise down this year and it was actually great. We ran the machine straight through pretty much all three days without any complaints about the noise :+1:

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Ahhh, that’s why all the bits are sold out :smile:


Dropped by the booth on Saturday. Met Bar, Bee and Dlang. I was surprised at how quiet the whole thing was. I expected it to be screaming but it was easy to hold a normal voice level conversation next to the booth. Ready to buy now.

Bar in booth.


My daughter’s bunny (Odin) rockin’ his new steampunk goggles.


they were setup outside, and with the router speed turned down it wasn’t that
loud (using a single-tooth straight bit made it even quieter)

the harbor freight portable dust collector was also fairly quiet. you noticed it
when it was turned off, but mostly the crowd noise was higher.

If you are indoors, it may echo more.

David Lang

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Saw you guys as well - didn’t get a chance to talk to Bar, but I did talk to his co-worker.

There was also an awesome bus-to-hackerspace conversion where they’d mounted a Maslow on the side of it.

(follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themagictoolbus/?hl=en )


I love it, is there a way to contact them other than by creating an instagram
account? I notice they are using the old quadralateral kinematics, I’d love to
send them a triangulation kit.

David Lang

Found www.magictoolbus.com tagged on the back of the bus!

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Hey David! Chris Weiss tracked me down on FB to make sure I saw this! (thanks Chris!) I’m Sam, and Claire is the person in the pic, and we are the Magic Tool Bus folks! Would love a triangulation kit if that offer still stands! Will you email me at notsamsmith [at] gmail.com?


yes the offer is still open, email me at david@lang.hm and get me your address.

David Lang