Maslow class in Los Angeles

I’m planning to host a 1 day class on building the Maslow. My goal is to try to introduce the Maslow to local educators. My current plan is for mid to late May. Sometime after California Bay area Makerfaire. This will be held on a Saturday. The site is to be determined but it will be close to Los Angeles and likely the hacker space I’m a founding member of.

This is going to be Sponsored by Made On A Maslow Magazine and Maslow. ( Maslow is donating some parts , Thank you Maslow! ) We will be giving away the Maslow at the end of the class. It will be targeted at going to a school.

I will be adding this to Disciples of CNC - from now on abbreviated to DO CNC!

Who is interested in attending ? Please pass this on to any STEM or Shop Teachers you may know with in traveling distance. While it is aimed to educators the class is open to anyone that wants to attend.

Please share your thoughts?

Thank you


im there and i will tell all the high/middle/stem schools around me plus u know where im at bee so if i can be of any assistant let me know

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Thank you @Zeddymac

Are you going to Makerfaire?

i wanted to but im the black sheep/nerd in my family n friends. beside my girlfriend(really not even her) im the only 1 who wanted to go

Hi Bee! I’m based out of a Los Angeles creative space called Small Green Door and we just got our CNC machine up and running. We have a very large, modular space and want to host a CNC meet-up with some local makers. I’d love to collaborate with you for this class if you need space or support in any way.


Can you PM me or send a contact request at my website:

Thank you

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Hi Bee, I contacted you through your website but I’m not sure you received it and I can’t figure out how to PM on these forums! If you could PM me, that would be great :slight_smile:

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