I'm suggesting a new category - First Projects

I have noticed many participants like to post a “My projects” “My first” . This is a large group of threads that will be orphaned over time. I’m suggesting an area for this and also it would act as a good place for new comers to see what is a reasonable result on real world experiences.

What does everyone else think? Please Chime in.

Thank you


I like the idea. The first Maslow project is and will stay special and it will be a good resource as well.

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I will chime in on this one and trust that @bar will forgive me to put the admin hat on for a moment to realise this.
I would need suggestions and/or votes for the title, plus someone to write the ‘About this category’ for a basic guide.
Edit: I might also go ahead on first come, fist serve basis and except correction suggestions later.

" I Made My First Cut" ?

This is a public area to share with others the first cut on your new Maslow. Show your work and take a bow. Welcome to our community.

my free input - its worth everything you paid for it - lol

Thank you

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Should we say ‘successful cut’, or add a ‘please do not use for troubleshooting’ at the bottom of ‘about’?
Edit: -cut + project

how about -

this area is for show and tell, for trouble shooting please go here - Link to Troubleshooting

Hm, as a sub-category of Projects?
Edit: pinned to the top

My issue is - the first cut may not be a project. I cut the mountains. Everyone got to see my first cut - It originally had

It had to be changed to non copyright audio -

Meh !

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sorry, I accidentally pushed the repeat button :wink:
Edit: Argument for ‘cut’ understood and accepted.

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First served. However now that I’ve done it I wonder.
Will it be found?

ATM - It shows Private - not found

Probably needs a few to setup

Would you try again?

Done & Working

Was set to admin only as default :man_facepalming:

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