Recognizing Amazing Projects

Hi All,

Now that the first round of kits is in the hands of new generation of Maslow fans, we’d like to share with them a flavor of what they can create and focus on directing them to the forums to grow the community.

With that in mind, it would be great to have seasoned users from this community who have created (or will be making) projects that we can share with the new folks across MM’s social media platforms. We would use photos of finished projects (or, even better, in-process and finished) and include a brief summary of what you made and how you made it (see below template for list of questions). We would give you as much credit or anonymity as you like, and can even place you name or handle on each photo if you like. Then we will include links to the forums and recommendations to sign up as new users.

If you’re interested in sharing some of the awesome projects you’ve done with others outside of the forums to grow the community, please post pictures here (the more pics and projects, the better) and give as much insight as you can on the following questions:

  1. Your name:
  2. Desired level of recognition (name, forum handle, or anonymous):
  3. Project name:
  4. Level of difficulty:
  5. Time and material cost to complete:
  6. Any additional notes (tips, board type, finish, inspiration, etc):