In onshape, how was maslow made using 2x4 component?

This may be a question specific to @dlang since I think I am looking at his onshape model of the new maslow frame, but I haven’t seen a model made like that, where it seems all the 2x4’s are instances of the same small 2x4 body, but then scaled to be the correct length in assembly view. And then the cutlist assembly, how then were you able to capture the sizes to display? I have used onshape for a while, but have never tried to make anything with commodity like 2x4’s, and would also like to make a custom frame, so am trying to understand so I can modify it.


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Onshape added a new feature, ‘configurations’ in January (look on youtube and
they have an hour-long tutorial on the subject posted Jan 11 2018)

It turns out that something I did (which could be the configurations, or could
just be how many tabs I created, or some other mistake) makes this document
extremely slow. I would have to do more experimentation before I did something
as extreme as this again.

David Lang

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