Inaccurate cut depth

I’m working on a project with multiple sections of cuts that are pretty shallow. The first section cut to the proper depth, but when it moved to the second section and started cutting, it just kept cutting deeper and deeper. I stopped the machine and recalibrated the z-axis and tried again with the same result. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? I’ve cut this design before with no problems.

Sometimes it can be the type of tool bit you are using. If it’s a downcut mill, and it’s not quite tight enough in the collet chuck of you router, then it will gradually pull itself out of the collet and deeper and deeper into your work. Even with straight flute bits this can occur if the collet isn’t tight enough.

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What are you using for your Z height?

Have you upgraded it or are you using the stock base that came with the router?

The stock base is trash and binds as well as being temperamental. Save yourself the frustration and upgrade if you have not yet done so.

I have had mine bind up constantly when I was running the stock base. I would calibrate my Z height only to find it had drifted way off once the router was running and vibrating. It would “un-bind” itself and suddenly plunge much deeper than desired.

After going to a “meticulous” style setup, it was a totally different user experience!

Link to the files
Link to the thread there are a few posts on that thread… lol

I have wondered why that was not the first things they have you cut once you cut your initial sled out. Throw in the hardware and charge an extra $30-$50 for the initial kit with the hardware for the Z upgrade along with the drawings for the parts to be cut out. I think a lot of people would snap it up! I wish I would have saved the money I spent on the pre-cut sled and used it on the hardware for the upgraded Z. Now the original sled just hangs from a screw on the frame… lol…

I’ve had this. I’m using a Bosch, so maybe way of piste here, but my screw rod was loose so every time it raised the rod was just spinning.

Bit of glue and a good lube fixed everything.

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