Inside right angles solved

I was thinking about how to solve the inside cuts on the cnc. If you do the dog bone cut, it will allow the wood to lock but you will have a gap. What about taking 1/4 in dowel and notching a 90 degree out on a table saw. Then driving the dowel in place to fill the gap(glue in place as well), and cut off excess. If this could be mass produced, then it could actually be a lucrative business.IMG_20180228_132732

Pac man was my inspiration.


You now owe Midway for their inspiration.

Thank you

I like the idea, I’ll take 20 oak, 20 cherry, 20 birch and 3 mahogany please.


how much needs to be cut out of the dowel will depend on how far you take the
dogbone. If you do a minimal dogbone, the corner of the tab will touch the edge
of the cut (which makes the gaps much smaller than if you go to where the center
of the bit is at the corner)

it would be interesting to see if there was a market for this.

Why not clip the corners on the tenons and use round dowels?

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I’ve never used a cnc and I am waiting for mine on this shipment. I’m not sure how well my ideas will work. But all I have now is just ideas. You guys are the experts and know what will really work.

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I think you’re seriously overestimating your collaborators here :smiley:
But you could just keep the dog bones and look at them as a style choice. You could also make your dog bones lager then usual, so your pacman dowels fit (if you’re gonna paint the work piece that seems like a good option)
Also no maslow here yet, some woodworking experience.


This exactly :smiley: