Introducing - Made On Maslow Magazine aka(Mom Mag)

Here is a teaser. I will have the subscription site up tomorrow.

The site is actually up but the explanation page needs to be updated so I’ll put out a link once that is done.

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Is it OK if we write about this in the newsletter next week? This is so cool!


I will give you carte blanche to use anything I ever put in the forums.

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OK Website going Live - it’s raw but in the wild now.

There is a preview sample PDF button toward the bottom of the main page.

Click below to visit the subscription site:

Made On Maslow Magazine

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This is indeed the case. It’s unclear if I sign up for a monthly payment, the terms of opting out are missing and shipping costs for digital copy via email is strange. That could be renamed as administration fees.
I love the idea and the design of the Magazine. I generally like to support, however, often I find that at the end of the money, there is so much month left and therefore would require a rock solid explanation of the costs and opt out options.
Kind regards, Gero

I will do my best to address your concerns . I will update the page as soon as I can. The first round is 1 month nothing recurring to see how many people are interested. I will simplify the information as well. I appreciate your input on this.

Thank you

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Who gets the proceeds from the donations?

It goes to fund - You can click the button in the lower left. It explains the process of signing up - it also shows you the exact account this is going to. You are not committed to anything by clicking on the button.

Looks like this -

Here is a link to the page as well -

Thank you

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It might be worthwhile to create an “about us” section. Describe the team members, their work-history, ambitions, hobbies, etc

I appreciate the input. I’ll try to add that soon. The site is under construction and part of a variety of projects. There is a lot going on in the frame design threads and it has taken time to address that. In short we are working on it and appreciate all input.

Thank you

@Gero - I have updated the page. It is still temporary. I need to fork the Magazine from the main page.

@Joshua - I have added an “who is” Button


see it at -

There is much more work needed. Changes will happen over time.

Thank you


4 Observations as constructive feedback, not critics.

  • Returning to merchant shows a link → you can login in here, but that brings to a page that says you need to verify the email first. That makes sense, so the link should go.
  • The link in the email to verify, is not a clickable link. You can mark it and with a right-click Firefox gives the option to open link.
  • The profile page shows the last name in fat bold at the top. Depending on your last name that can be intimidating :slight_smile: .
  • It’s damn slow on this side of the world. Are you hosting it at home?
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The web developer I’m working with suggested Dreamhost. It’s out of a datacenter on the east coast. I will ask him to look at it again. He is in Pennsylvania.

Feed back is gift. All feed back.

Thank you

Don’t worry about the speed if I’m the only one reporting it. A new site showing up in this country might have just raised some flags, to check if it needs to be blocked for gambling, blasphemy, porn or non country conform opinions.

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I just read this article about dream host.

Does the MoM Mag run on the same installation / host as the file sharing site from the other forum post?

If so, you might violate the terms of the their services…

anywhere in the US is a very long distance from where Gero is :slight_smile:

David Lang


I read the review and comments for Dreamhost. Based only on this small sample I’d say Dreamhost might not be your best choice. Web design guys tend to stick with what they know, and what works out best for them, and may not move very fast when the hoster goes downhill. You, otoh, suffer if the provider hits a tough patch just when you need them the most.

Back when 33.6K dialup was fast I was in the web hosting business; in those days it was a lot more expensive but you got the support phone number (me! until we hired a web guy) and whatever it took; it was small enough we could do it. Today you get email and are one of millions, at a fraction of the cost. Good support is expensive and cheap has very small margins.

I changed careers almost 20 years ago (years of 60 to 80 hour weeks add up…), too out of date to be any help now…

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We are not “stuck” anywhere.

This is the starting point not the destination. There was a conscious decision to get this out there now rather then wait until much later this year.

Thank you

What about AWS or DigitalOcean?

I feel they will serve you better in the long run.

I know you posted above and withdrew. Reading this thread the replies will later show out of the real chronological order. My reply above your post addresses this. Both of the solutions above have been considered.

We can continue on PM or if you feel strongly about it it should be a separate thread on hosting choices. My participation would/will be limited.

I do want the best services available but development has to be the priority. There are aspects I’m bound under DNA to not discuss.

Thank you