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Is the M2 Worth it?

I’m considering getting the M2 upgrade. My Z-Axis has been a 7 month frustration and I need an out-of-the-box solution.

The upgrade itself is sold-out so my question is really is the entire M2 worth it?

Beyond just fixing the Z Axis issue what else does it solve?

Is it more accurate near the edges of the 4x8 sheet than the current Maslow?

Any other benefits?

I acquired the M2 upgrade kit from MakerMade. I like the Z-axis, I like the new sled, I do not like the new computer. I had numerous issues with the cable not holding onto the daughterboard. I am now using the old computer and the new sled plus Z-axis and am happy.

I’m wanting the z upgrade as well, but only after 2 test projects lol.

Amazon has all the required parts to order for under $200. (Edit: under a $100)
Just put an order in yesterday.
Same cheap Chinese parts in the m2 kit.
Only thing I think I loose is the board allowing laser cutter, but not an issue for me.

You don’t need the board, you only need the z axis. It should have been much less than $200. I used plywood and a pocket jig. The pulleys, belts, and linear rail set I got off amazon and aliexpress for about $50.

Do not sweat the controller upgrade. You do not need it.

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Ahh yes you are correct. Much less than $200, I forgot I added some other goodies to that order.

I ordered 200mm long 2040 tslot to mount and brace with though. For the extra few bucks in material it was worth the piece of mind it will be strong.

Thanks for clarification on the board. :+1:

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I am a Newby and I am dangling the thought of just getting the M2… any chance I could ask for your parts list?

Give me a bit, but I’ll get you links to what I got.
I’m a newbie here too, made 2 cuts with original setup, couldn’t live with the z axis with a mind of its own, M2 upgrade kits are delayed for a bit so I just found the parts myself because I’m impatient.

Thanks Joe!

Have a great weekend